Madison, WI

For my 24th birthday, Bryan and I headed north for a weekend getaway featuring Madison, WI, and Chicago, IL. Two of our friends from KSU moved to Madison after graduation, so it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends. We were able to get pretty reasonable flights from Gainesville to Chicago (which is […]

Weekend wrap-up

Saturday and Sunday turned into a glorious Tucker weekend date. That means no work, no school, no real plans, just time together. Saturday: Slept in until 8:30. WOOHOO! We attempted breakfast at The Flying Biscuit, but no breakfast is worth an hour and fifteen minute wait. So onto a new breakfast place, 43rd Street Deli […]

Hello Trent, goodbye Mr. White

Sunday, we had the opportunity to see the Colts vs. Jaguars game, which is only an hour and forty-five minute drive from Gainesville. Bryan has been a Colts fan since middle school, and I really just started following them to support Bryan when we started dating in college. I was never really an NFL fan, […]