Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Friday we moved to Cleveland. Bryan drove for 9 hours and we checked into our extended-stay hotel indefinitely. We met with our phenomenal realtor Saturday morning and viewed some very promising rental properties. Our favorite will not be available until July 1st so that will mean two more weeks of hotel life (which isn’t all […]

Rome, Italy

Rome is the quentessential site for Italian site seeing, in my mind. I was intimidated by the city, but knew I would kick myself if I visited Italy without seeing Rome. We stayed in another airbnb, and it was the cutest little apartment with great natural light and a loft bedroom. We had a bad […]

Florence, Italy

Buongiorno! This morning we said goodbye to Florence after a four night stay in the wonderful city. It was the longest we’ve been in one city so we got to unpack a bit more. We stayed in a pretty local area, but still within a 15 minute walk from all attractions. The city was crowded […]

Venice, Italy

Today we are leaving Venice and headed for our third destination. We are currently sitting on a high speed train with very little AC, but we’re in Italy so we’re happy! After our very positive and calm experience with Varenna, we were a bit shocked when we first arrived in Venice. It is a weird […]

Varenna, Italy

While traveling, I’ll try to give quick updates on our trip as we go depending on the cooperation of our wifi. Only two pictures will upload now so there’s not much to see on this post. This will also help us remember what all we saw and did. After traveling approximately 20 hours by planes […]