Settling In

We are officially out of our hotel room and into our rental. We are renting on the west side of Cleveland in the 2nd and 3rd levels of a house-turned-duplex. We have been knee deep in boxes for almost a week now, though I’m making enough progress that I can now use the kitchen. Kitchens here in these old homes pose quite the storage challenge and have required some creativity on our part to make the space work. I’m thankful to have had this week off before starting my new job on Monday to allow for some organization before we get too busy.

I have found myself opening boxes and just staring at them because I can’t make sense of what to do with all the stuff. The big appliances are no problem to store, but it’s the “junk drawer” stuff that has yet to find a home and clutters up the floors, counter tops, and shelves. Penny is of course no help, though she continues to master those puppy dog eyes.

IMG_6668We have made a list of restaurants we would like to try, though the list grows at a rate that would have us weighing 300+ pounds by the end of the year if we tried to keep up. We will attempt to take it slower. We have already found a few favorites, and they mostly include places with good drinks (strawberry infused whiskey+basil cocktail) and rich Midwestern fare (pierogis and things with cheese).

IMG_6658We went to Edgewater Park beach on the 4th of July for some sun, and to be around other humans, and to my pleasant surprise we are no longer the palest people at the beach! Ohio is proving to be a great fit for us so far. We watched one of the best firework shows I’ve ever seen at Lakewood Park and then walked home. I think I love urban living.

Celebrating our country in America’s heartland has a different vibe than in the South. There is a lot of national pride in the South, along with a love for setting things on fire, but celebrating our nation in such an old city has a special feel to it.

IMG_6661I will not paint such a glamorous picture of our new lives in Cleveland and fail to mention that we are still two people alone in a big city. I am anxiously awaiting the interaction that a new job will give me, establishing community with our neighbors, and maybe the new addition to my phone’s favorites list. In the meantime, Bryan and I will walk Penny around the neighborhood to expose our newness, visit new restaurants and bars, and push ourselves outside of our shy comfort zones to make new friends. And if anyone wants to visit you are more than welcome – just give me enough notice to find some sheets somewhere.

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