How to Survive Hotel Living

We have been in Cleveland, OH, a little over a week now and are still living the hotel life. We have signed a lease and will be able to move in within the week, but it will be about 2 weeks total of living with many shared spaces. I have compiled a list of things that have helped keep me sane during my time here:

  1. Don’t eat waffles everyday during continental breakfast. This will be tempting because when else do you have time and resources to make a waffle every day of the week? BUT, for the sake of your heart and stomach please do not indulge. Pro tip: enjoy your waffles during the week because weekend crowds make for long waffle lines.
  2. Choose a hotel with a gym. It is important to maintain some kind of activity level while living it up in a hotel. I pouted until I got this hotel with a gym, and have only used it once. In all fairness, my fitness apps do not work in the gym so I have to do them in my room.
  3. Leave as often as possible. Hotels are noisy. Doors slam, baseball teams play ding-dong-ditch, and wedding parties stand outside your window at night to smoke. Every day, I have left the room to run a menial errand, visit a new park, take Penny to the dog park, or go out to eat. It makes a world of difference and the longer I can stay away the better. IMG_6622
  4. Do not watch sad movies. I made the mistake of watching Titanic my first day here alone after Bryan went to work. Nothing like Leo’s death to get you in the mulligrubs – this may be a Southern term I’ll have to teach these Mid-Westerners. Stick to things like musicals, game shows, and dog agility competitions.
  5. Have really awesome friends. In one week, I talked to almost all of my friends and family at length. It helps so tremendously to have people all over the country who care enough to keep you company from miles away.
  6. Work on a project. I do not have room to spread out many craft supplies, but I do have access to a good quality camera on my iPhone. I also have the prettiest of subjects (Penny) and sometimes I take pictures of her to pass the time. She’s beautiful, you must admit!
  7. Read something, anything. Stop looking at Instagram! Along with attractions around Cleveland, I have begun to follow notable bookworms on social media. They have many suggested reading lists and I was in desperate need of some brain stimulation. I have listened to a few books lately through, but there’s something about physically flipping through pages that’s therapeutic to me. I settled on The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and so far so good.                                     Image result
  8. Bend the rules. There is nothing normal about living in a hotel, so the normal rules of your house may need to be bent slightly during the interim. Penny is never allowed on our bed at home; her hair is everywhere so we try to keep our bed protected. Hotel Penny can sleep on our bed and use it to look out the window because she has like 50 square feet of space to walk/sleep on and we feel bad for her. We know she’s a dog. At least I tell myself that, though I’m not fully convinced she’s not part human. We also very rarely ate out in Gainesville, but the kitchenette requires more creativity and patience than I currently possess. We have been eating out a lot, but are trying to make healthy choices when we do (a salad a week should cancel out the burgers, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, and burritos, right?). TV in bed is another luxury we are enjoying that we do not practice at home. We like only having one TV so we can enjoy movies together, and we like not having it in our room so we actually get out of bed each day. In our current hotel state, our living room is our bedroom, our bedroom is our bathroom, our bathroom is our kitchenette, and our kitchenette is our office space. It’s cozy. So the TV is in all of our rooms at once and we have fallen asleep to some Family Feud and Indians Games. Ah, the life! IMG_6625

All in all, the first week was fine. I’ve made some friends at continental breakfast and with the housekeeping staff that provide human conversation. I’ve been forced to get outside because if Penny looks at me one more time with her puppy dog eyes I will probably die. I am grateful for a place to live, a rental that will be ready very soon, and a city that I already am very keen on and excited to explore. This is only temporary and it will be a laughable memory soon enough.

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