Rome, Italy

Rome is the quentessential site for Italian site seeing, in my mind. I was intimidated by the city, but knew I would kick myself if I visited Italy without seeing Rome. We stayed in another airbnb, and it was the cutest little apartment with great natural light and a loft bedroom. We had a bad experience with a taxi driver first thing in the city, so that started us out on the wrong foot a bit. We tried to see as much as possible, but we only had 2 1/2 days so failed to see quite a bit.


We were able to check off many of the iconic sites: Vatican City (Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica), city center (Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps), and Ancient Rome (Pantheon, Roman Forum, Colosseum). It was amazing to see these sites that hold such historical value and to imagine what was there before. This trip has also shown me how limited my vocabulary is since I can only say things are “awesome”, “breathtaking”, or “bonkers”. I should read more.



Spanish Steps


I hit a wall during this leg of the trip, so had to have a day of recovery. Rome was hot, our apartment was hot, and all the restaurants were hot. Combine that with all the people who were everywhere all the time and that equals a panic attack. Taking many breaks was key during this leg and the second day went much smoother because we had a strategy. Coffee, sites, indoor church, lunch, sites, gelato, sites, aperitivo, sites, dinner, gelato some more, bed.


The food in Rome was some of the best of our trip: pizza, Michelin star restaurants, old-fashioned trattorias, and family owned restaurants. The people were friendly, but we had to search for that more than in other cities. This was very much a working big city and we would see many professionals (in full suits) out for lunch with the tourists before heading back to the office. I felt sort of in the way.


Overall, I feel I didn’t do Rome justice because of my physical state during this part of the trip and would definitely revisit to give it another chance. The food alone would bring me back, but maybe in December.

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